JCV products from Québec gives a second life to their extrusion blow molding machines and improves at the same time the profitability of the process thanks to the expertise of MCS-Servo in the implementation of the IMI-220 Moog Parison controller.

Industrie du bois

Wood industries

The lumber industry is a sector in which MCS-Servo is involved significantly. MCS-Servo produces products that include customized servo actuators having the vast majority of these applications in sawmills.


Hot Chamber Die-casting Machines

Because of the vibration, repeated hammering and high temperature, machine-casting components require foolproof. By using the combined expertise of MCS-Servo and MTS Temposonics the Techmire machine manufacturer was able to significantly improve the reliability of its product.


Hydrolic Manifold

Hydraulic manifold for transmission of off-road vehicle.  Design, drawing, assembly, testing and commissioning of the prototype developed by MCS-servo.



Show business

Design and manufacture of electro-hydraulic positioning system of deployable stage of the Metropolitan Opera in New York in collaboration with Scène Éthique. MCS-Servo could synchronize the elevation and rotation of the 60 feet long stage with a phase shift of a few mils.