Foundation by Mr Sauveur Cunéo and Mrs Janine Cunéo.
MCS-Servo distributes MOOG and Temposonic products
Addition of new lines such as Hydraforce
Establishment of an electrical control department
Retirement of the founders and succession by Mr Christophe Cunéo
Several additions to the product range and resources to the electrical team
Acquisition of PH Technologies
Acquisition of GenHydrau
The MCS-Servo Group is 35 years old and has 40 employees


Our engineering department is made up of engineers and technicians specialised in hydraulics, automation, industrial electronics, mechanics and design. Our multi-disciplinary team can handle all types of applications, from the simplest to the most complex. Our engineers ensure the realization and follow-up of the projects in close collaboration with the manufacturing department.

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Our distribution department offers a wide range of reputable products to minimise the middleman and respond quickly to customer supply requests. The purchasing team manages the vast inventory of parts to meet urgent needs. Our sales team, available at all times to respond to your requests, covers all of Eastern Canada. Our team will be pleased to meet with you to discuss your applications.

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Our team of service technicians perform maintenance, diagnostics and repairs on site. We also have a workshop equipped with test benches and a laboratory for the calibration and repair of servo valves, sensors, pumps and hydraulic motors

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Your contacts

Maxime Daneau, Eng. Senior Technical Advisor / Electrical Solutions Maxime has over 25 years of experience in servo positioning. He is the reference for servo systems and electromechanical actuators. He loves the great outdoors and practices several outdoor sports. His specialties include technical assistance, new product selection assistance, special projects and overall management of your account.
Olivier Raffaelli Application specialist for hydraulic sales Olivier is our application specialist in Hydraulics and is particularly well known in the sawmill field. He is very involved with his clients. Based in Saguenay, originally from France, he loves our Quebec winters and especially in his part of the country. His specialties are technical and site assistance, new product selection assistance, special projects and overall management of your account.
Yves Brunelle Technical representative More than 3 decades of experience listening to your specific needs in the field of mobile and industrial hydraulics, especially in manifolds and custom designed systems. A fitness enthusiast, Yves spends much of his spare time at the gym. His specialties are bidding and product research.
Christophe Cuneo President They say that sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and in his case it was the drop of oil that fell near the barrel... Christophe has taken the reins of the company since his parents retired in 2012. A lover of cooking and electronic music, and a DJ in his spare time, oil is never far from him. His specialties are special projects and business development.
Marc Chartrand, Eng. Sales Application Specialist Marc is the newest member of the MCS sales team, he has over 20 years of experience in electromechanical sales. Specialized in the development of solutions in asynchronous motors and servos as well as in power transmissions, he is very customer oriented. Marc is passionate about cycling, travel and music.
Gaétan Potvin Installation Technician / Technical Representative Gaétan is a technician with over 40 years of experience in the field of hydraulics. He is also a technical representative for some special accounts. He likes to say that he puts his "arms around" when he goes to help customers. Very well known in the field, he is passionate about customer service with a great attention to detail. His specialties are hydraulic installation, electro-hydraulic factory service and technical representation.
François Desormeaux, Eng. Director / Sales / Business Development and Logistics A technician and engineer by training, after nearly 20 years in positions that highlighted his technical and management skills, François turned to the dark side of the force... sales and business development. Always available to help, he enjoys coaching his team as he does in karate and baseball. His specialties are global management, business development, logistics and special pricing.
Patrick Turgeon Production Manager With 35 years of manufacturing and machining experience, he coordinates the manufacturing of the company's mostly unique power units, servoactuators and manifold blocks. As a solution provider, he anticipates trends as well as challenges, facilitating the execution of his talented team and the company's growth. An "electro-automobilist" since 2020 for the good of the planet, his specialties are manufacturing and repair.
Shawn Cairns Internal sales 25 years of experience at your disposal, in French or in English, with the pleasure to serve you such is his motto. A golfer and a gamer, as early as March he is preparing for his season, bring your drives! His specialities are quotations, order entry and follow-up, technical assistance to internal sales and OEM accounts.
Lynn Sylvestre Internal sales Lynn is always smiling and ready to help you. She is a new addition to the MCS-Servo team and we couldn't do without her already. She is an avid hunter and fisherman! Her specialties are quotes, order entry and tracking, OEM accounts and special projects.
Valerie Legault Coordinator / Inside Sales and Repairs With over 15 years of customer service under her belt and armed with her coffee, she is always ready to help. Her specialties include quotes, order entry, returns and repairs.
Benoit Fortin, Eng. General Manager / Engineering Definitely a pillar for the company, Benoit has been acting as a manager for over 25 years. Reliable and with his heart on his sleeve, he is completely dedicated to his work. In addition to his work, he loves cooking, both in preparation and in tasting mode. His specialties are operations management, global engineering and special projects.
Patrick Leclerc, Eng. Project Manager Patrick has 20 years of experience in servo positioning and project management. He knows how to guide you in the selection of products that will serve your application and help you in your problem solving. He is an automotive mechanics and painting enthusiast. His specialties are electrical product selection, project management, technical and sales support, drafting, programming and power transmission, servo-control and variable speed drives.
Guillaume Isabelle, ing. Project Manager A 2015 graduate of ÉTS in Mechanical Engineering, Guillaume loves 3D design and applies it at MCS on hydraulic power units (HPU) and in the design of drilled blocks. As a gadget and video game enthusiast, technological advances always capture his attention. His specialties are hydraulics, sales support, special projects, design and drafting.
Simon Tessier, Eng. project manager Young automation engineer, Simon has a very good background of about ten years as a programmer. He is a project manager and is always fully involved in his mandates. Simon is passionate about video games. His specialties are electrical, tenders, special projects, design, and programming.
Jean-François Touchette, Eng. Project Manager Jean-François is one of the most competent electrical engineers on the market in programming controllers dedicated to hydraulic servo positioning. He is very professional and always ready to help. He is an avid skier with his family and always has projects in mind. His specialties are technical assistance, search for optimized solutions, turnkey support for the realization of control projects, calibration of hydraulic axes and control methods.
Gilbert Girard Draughtsman Gilbert is the dean of the engineering team. He has a global vision when it comes to designing a system. For him, computers hold no secrets. His specialties are hydraulics, sales support, design and drafting.
Michel Thiboutot Electronics / sales support An electronics technician by training, Michel specializes in component repairs and control panel assembly. He is part of the engineering team that supports sales. A mountain biker in summer and winter, he rides his bike to work. His specialties are repairs, technical assistance, control panel assembly and special projects.
Gaétan Brochu Sales Application Specialist To come...
Patrick St-Laurent Technical representative To come...
Brice Homdim, B.Eng. CPI Project Manager To come...
Gilles Cloutier, Eng. Machining Manager To come...